Douglas M. Bryce
       Digital Publications
I began writing when I was about 8 years old. I loved to tell stories but, when I simply told stories out loud I would stammer, and say "er" a lot, and found that once I uttered a word I couldn't take it back. Also, I would lose my train of thought and wander endlessly. Needless to say, most people wouldn't stay around very long to listen...except my Mom of course. She always urged me to continue. She suggested I make notes to myself and practice telling the story. That way I could change things around if I wanted to before I told it to someone else.

So, I started making notes. My notes became outlines, and my outlines soon became full blown journals. So I wrote. And then I wrote some more. I really enjoyed English classes where we had to create writteb compositions. And, although my handwriting was just barely legible, by the time I entered high school I had quite a large inventory of manuscripts that I was positive would earn me a ton of money as published books that everyone would want to buy.

Well, I wasn't as successful with my writings as I had thought I would be, but now I have been writing for decades and I do make a fairly good living doing so. It has helped me to get married and raise 4 wonderful children, all who love to write and are very good at it. My wife was a huge encouragement to me as I plodded through these years of telling stories.

In my "real" career as a Plastics Engineer I have been able to create many technical books, videos, and seminar presentations, all with the help of what I have learned in my life-long quest to be a famous writer.

I thank all of those who encouraged me along the way (Hi, Mom!), along with those who had the courage to buy any of my publications. But I mainly thank my God for providing the tools for me to learn with, and the desire to persue my dream.