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PIM - Molding Defect Analysis Training by Douglas M. Bryce
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This interactive PDF eBook version of our CD program, is an inexpensive entry-level training tool that provides basic knowledge and information concerning the basic identification of plastic injection molded product defects. This seminar covers it all, from describing the 23 most common defects, showing full color graphic examples of them, describing the 2 most common causes of each of the 23 defects, using videos, graphics, photos, and sketches to present the detailed information, and includes a glossary of terms.
Narrated by Douglas M. Bryce.
Minimizes Employee Turnover
And Improves Productivity.
Now it's easy to get the message by simply viewing this eBook. There are videos, graphics, drawings and explanations of the 23 most common defects including Black Specks, Flash, Non-Fill, and 20 others. In 30 minutes the studenty will have a greater understanding of injection molding defects and what causes them.