Douglas M. Bryce
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PIM - Molding Machine Operator Training by Douglas M. Bryce
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Minimizes Operator Turnover
And Improves Productivity
Before they even step foot in the molding area show them this eBook. There are videos, graphics, drawings and explanations of what they should do and what is expected of them. In 30 minutes they will have a great understanding of their basic job requirements and a basic knowledge of the injection molding process. Self-Interactive.
This PDF version of our training CD program is an inexpensive entry-level training tool that provides knowledge and information concerning the role of the plastic injection molding machine operator. This training seminar covers all the basics, from describing the injection molding process, showing examples of operators at work, describing molds, describes secondary operations, explains the role of the operator's job, discusses safety issues and concerns, and  includes a glossary of common terms.
Narrated by Douglas M. Bryce.