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This eBook offers instructions to produce popular food products just like the actual products from menus offered by some of the most popular restaurants in the world, as well as other popular food products that have been around a long time and are simply enjoyed by many, such as candy bars and drinks.

These recipes have not been “stolen” from their owners, but rather they were created and compiled by individuals who have spent many months in trial-and-error efforts to come up with recipes that look, taste, feel, and smell like the originals. The big difference is the cost. They cost a lot less to make than to buy served or packaged from a store or restaurant.

We have included 350 specific recipes for a huge variety of food. And these are the latest, up-to-date recipes on the market today.

Example Recipes:

Burger King Whopper
Chili’s Boneless Buffalo Wings
Chili’s Nacho Burger
Church’s Fried Chicken
Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll
Cracker Barrel Cherry Chocolate Cobbler
Cracker Jacks
Dolly Madison Zingers
Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
Girl Scout Thin Mints Cookies
Hard Rock Café Pig Sandwich
Hostess Twinkies
KFC Honey BBQ Wings
McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets
McDonald’s Hamburgers
Olive Garden Lasagna
Outback Steakhouse Bloomin’ Onion
Taco Bell Burrito Supreme
Z Tejas’ Chili
350 Secret Recipes from your
favorite popular restaurants.

Popular Restaurant Secret Recipes