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A collection of 90 family recipes mastered by "Bubby", Grandmother Sarah Bernstein, including her personal favorites from both the "old" and the "new" countries.

My "Bubby" (Grandmother Sarah Bernstein) was a fantastic cook who enjoyed every minute she spent in her kitchen.

The homestyle recipes include 90 of her favorite concoctions. I hope you enjoy them -
Linda (Bernstein) Bryce
A young man learns the value of life experiences by spending time with his GrandDad. GrandDad teaches virtues such as patience, responsibility, respect, charity, and others, by relating his own experiences and by comparing them to activities that take place through the creation of the many gardens located on his farm.

A collection of 15 stories used by GrandDad to portray the virtues of life as compared to the growing of a garden.
Story Topics:
Forming Foundations
Proper Health
Helping Others
Reap What You Sow
Working With Others
A Sense of Humor
Does God Exist
The Final Days
Douglas M. Bryce
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